The world without color would be very depressed.

The nature is just wonderful due to the orgy of colors and tones that give personality to all being created by it.
An artist can only be considered as such, in the exact measure she is able to show in her work the perception of all the possible character of the colors' tones that will give the volume of the thing to be portrayed.
Although it being an abstract work, if she doesn't have a minimum knowledge of the right mixtures and the right dose of the color base, she won't get a good final touch, and the work won't attract or enchant the spectator's eyes.
Knowing to combine colors is an exercise of love and patience. In my work I use the colors without any preconception.
In the watercolor the colors experience a great change depending on how is diluted. More watery: transparent; dry: fixed and impacting; obtaining in both cases a beautiful contrast with the white background of the paper and the movements of apply and remove the watercolor on time for the desired effects.
At the present time I am painting flowers that seem were tailor-made for some watercolorist, so beautiful they are reproduced by this technique and being a great challenge for a meticulous person like me. The more authentic work the most charming the result. It's a great challenge to tame the fight of the paper with the paint.
Great part of my works has as model pictures that I shot myself. Everything that I discern as "watercolorable" I take a photo; I also have friends as a good material source, all of them knowing my habit collaborates with great excitement.